We live in challenging times, marked by the decreased availability of oil, climactic change and uncertainty about the future. Living on an island the issues of sustainability become even more important. Those that have the power–and the will–to shape the future of Hamakua and Hawaii must now make wise choices for the use of lands.
We cannot go forward and ignore the future realities of limited fossil fuels as well as the climactic and political situations that have the potential to isolate our island for periods of time. We must make the conscious choice to develop Hamakua’s abundant natural resources and rich ocean-view lands to provide a self-sustaining balance between agriculture, residential use and light, low-impact industries.

As a professional in real estate, it is my obligation to offer my best efforts so the lands of Hawaii are developed in a way that respects the Island, our communities, the spirit of the land and the future residents. I have followed that intent with action and was the first Realtor on the Big Island to receive Eco Broker certification and recently was awarded the National Association of Realtor’s Sustainable Property Designation of GREEN Realtor. As a resident of the Big Island, I am interested in sustainability because I believe green, concientious practices are the only ways to keep this island the paradise it is.

The Hamakua Coast is on the threshold of expansion and development. Within the next few years, the development of Hamakua lands will set the lifestyle for generations to come. Properties zoned for light industrial use will be developed; areas in close proximity to existing towns and designated “urban” in the master plan will change zoning; fallow agricultural lands are certain to become productive and abundant; and large properties with zoning for smaller parcels will be developed and subdivided.
Hamakua Coast Realty is here to support sustainable and responsible growth. We offer sensitivity to both the history and the future of this magnificent coast, of these lands so beautifully situated on the slopes of Mauna Kea set amid the expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

A mix of agriculture, housing and light-to-low impact industries, such as long-term care and assisted living centers, are the appropriate components for the use of these lands, and if done correctly, this low-impact blend will maintain the attractive country lifestyle residents so appreciate.

I invite all who share this vision of sustainable living  to invest in, enjoy and co-create a sustainable lifestyle for the beautiful and abundant Hamakua Coast.