Some of Augustuz Elliott’s earliest memories include visiting properties with his father, who, as the co-founder of Ryan Elliott & Co., was one of New England’s leading real estate entrepreneurs. From a young age, Augustuz (called Gus by the locals) learned about lands and properties; about people and their personal and professional interests; and how to manage a business so both buyers and sellers receive the highest professional courtesies and personalized attention. Later, as a young professional, Augustuz was involved with real estate investments on Martha’s Vineyard, where, among other projects, he converted a five-bedroom summerhouse into the thriving twelve-bedroom Oak Bluffs Inn.

Now with a masters of education degree in management, Augustuz has championed real estate business and responsible development along the Hamakua Coast through his client base and through private and public meetings with government officials. He has thoughtfully crafted multi-million dollar transactions and soothed the emotions of eager first-time homebuyers during his 16 years of living and working as a Realtor® along the coast.

“I loved the Hamakua Coast from the first time I saw it,” Gus says. “The green, the ocean, the quality of the light, the old style–almost western–architecture and the people. At the time I came, Hamakua sugar was still being harvested and life revolved around the sugar mill. Those days were punctuated by the sounds of the mill marking the midday break and the end of the workday with a loud whistle that could be heard for miles.”

His ultimate passion is to guide the Hamakua Coast toward sustainable development.

“I want to help steer the coast into a sustainable housing model that serves the future,” he says. “I want to have a small part in maintaining the beauty of the coast while helping people find their dream property.”